Year-end Donor Thank You Mailer, HTML Email, Landing Page and Video

Combined Jewish Philanthropies

ANALYZE At the close of every campaign-year, a thank-you goes out to all donors. This piece needs to highlight some of the good work accomplished throughout the year while leaving a feeling there is still much to do. There is no direct ask, and the piece should be fun. The main vehicle for delivery is an HTML email to all donors, followed by direct mail to all donors at $100+ level.

CONCEPTUALIZE Create a cross-platform engagement tool with mass appeal.

EXECUTE End of the year, depleted budgets and a need to create something engaging. I designed a package that included an HTML email, printed direct-mail, web landing page and a short video on a low budget. The video could have been an expensive piece, but I planned the entire video to be produced in-house including recruiting fellow staff member to do the voice over. The camaraderie of Jewish camping became the theme in a light and humorous way throughout all the copy.

Pictured here:

Mailer cover and insides

Web landing page